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Choosing your photographer is one of the most important decisions of wedding planning. It's wonderful to have so many photography options to choose from, but that can make it an overwhelming

and daunting task. 

Drawing on my fifteen years of experience, I will work to tell your story in the way only I can. My ideal customers are educated in what goes into this craft and value honesty & integrity. I enjoy a collaborative experience where we can work together to achieve your vision.

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Childhood only happens once

When you plan your wedding, you want the best.  You do your research, putting your trust and excitement in the hands of the person you know will capture your love. 

Why should your family's portraits be any different?

Each year, your family matures and personalities evolve.  Portraiture is more than a simple record of one's appearance, it's a chance to capture their character, moments that will be gone too soon, and the love you share.  


Does your brand stand out? 

Whether your company is large, or you work alone - one thing remains the same: Quality imagery will drive brand awareness and set a quality tone.


  Professional photographs will make your website and brochures dynamic and engaging.  Fresh portraits can help you rebrand and set a new tone.  Group photos allow you to showcase your staff as family, and images of your facility show all you have to offer.  

How can I help you update your look?

Real Estate 

Are you doing your properties justice?

Buyers are searching online and making split-second decisions based on photos.  A high quality, detailed photo can help you turn a hesitant buyer into a homeowner.  Cell phones and low grade cameras won't do a property justice - distorting lines or cropping too much of the room.

Try out a professional approach to see the difference it can make!    

About Me

  • Photographer, Videographer, Writer

  • Author of 5 Nationally Distributed Books

  • Masterclass Teacher at the MGM Grand

  • 15+ Years of Experience

  • Graduate of the University at Buffalo (UB)

  • Studio located in Clarence, NY

  • Featured in 8 books

  • Featured on Health Monitor Magazine


"I am over the moon, in LOVE with the work from Tracy and Drew on our wedding day. There are so many gorgeous pictures and priceless moments

that they captured - I cannot express

my happiness enough."


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